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Newfound Lake is a very popular summer destination, but when you catch it in most other seasons, you can get some quality, not super busy hiking. Lauren and I went for a 6 or so mile hike which included Bear Mountain, a peak we had not yet explored.

We had done Little and Big Sugarloaf once before. I prefer the former, which has much better views. These two peaks alone including Goose Pond, make for a wonderful loop. But if you go just a little further on the Elwell Trail, you can tag Bear Mountain as well.

The saddle between Little and Big Sugarloaf is a fun journey, and gets quite steep up to the summit.

After the summit, we descended gradually down to Hebron Road where the Elwell Trail continues up to Bear Mountain. This is a very steep and loose section that packs a lot of bang for your buck.

The views from the top are nice, but still not as good as Little Sugarloaf. But it's a worthy side trip to get some more elevation gain in.

To complete the loop. we continued along Hebron Road, which is a pleasant, albeit eroded dirt road that leads another trailhead for Wellington State Park that heads over to Goose Pond.

Goose Pond is a pretty area and it's worth the trip by itself. This is an excellent loop for those looking to dodge some White Mountains crowds while also getting great views.

Total Distance: ~5.79 miles (on GPS, but likely more)Total Time: 2 hrs 37 Total Elevation Gain: ~1978 vertical gain