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Somehow, after years of skiing, this was my first ski tour of Tecumseh. Part of this is because the resort closes around the time that there is no snow left. But this year we lucked out with a semi decent storm in April. This also counted for my April grid. Alex, Vicky, Lauren, Andrew and I headed up together, with all of us on skis except Vicky. Her plan was to descend the actual trail back to the ski lot while we would ski down.

We skinned up looker's left and followed the chairlift. We followed the snowcat track essentially all the way to the top. The conditions were sticky and easy to get traction on the way up, but the snow was heavy and tiring to maneuver through.

Despite all this, the Sosman Trail at the top of the chairlift was in quite good shape. It's easy to find, as it is right behind the High Country double. We used our skis all the way to the lookout point with the bench and then resumed on foot on the packed down trail up to the summit.

We departed Vicky at the junction with the Sosman Trail and then headed back to our skis. It was rough going downhill, as the snow was heavy, wet, and required you to lean back with significant force to stay upright. Nonetheless, we had a blast! Vicky got back down at the same exact time as us (actually a few seconds earlier)!

Total Time: 2 hrs 52Total Distance: ~5.62 milesTotal Elevation Gain: ~2300 vertical gain