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After work on a spur of a moment decision I wanted to grid out Waumbek. I had no intention of trying to finish it as fast as possible, but when I realized how quick the uphill went, I decided to see how quickly I could do the downhill.

The trail conditions were near perfect. I used microspikes the whole way, but the snow was a little soft. Traction was good and I didn't slip around, but it wasn't perfect.

I made great timing up to Starr King in about 56 minutes. I didn't run at all and frankly had no intention of doing so. It's a steep uphill, coupled with the snow and the fact that I had a heavy bag.

But I quickly changed course after tagging Starr King, and ran much of the ascent with the exception of the last part up to Waumbek. I hit the summit in an hour and eight minutes, changed out some layers, grabbed a snack, and began the aggressive downhill push.

I opted to run the entire downhill. I only wanted to see if I could break 2 hours. I ended up besting that by fifteen minutes. And when I got home, I found out that my "hike" was the fastest recorded time on Strava. I later learned that the true FKT is 1 hr 17 minutes which is otherworldly, but that was in the summer with a much smaller pack I am sure. Nonetheless, I was not going for any records but it was cool to see my time at the top of the list!

Total Time: 1 hr 45 minsTotal Distance: ~6.63 miles (Garmin Fenix 5x Plus–some sources, including the sign say it is 7.2 miles)Total Elevation Gain: ~2923 vertical gain