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What a perfect day in the hills. Tom, Field, and Willey (with the addition of Avalon) is an ultra-classic hike that usually isn't my first choice to do when I go up north. But on this particular day, we had the best views you could possibly get.

We began on the Avalon Trail and quickly sprinted up toward Tom. It was Lauren, myself, Erin, and her friends Robben and Ann.

The snow conditions were about as perfect as you could get. Microspikes were worn car to car, and aside from a few spots of ice under the snow, the terrain was fast and grippy.

Atop Tom, we went over to the secret view of the Presidentials, which, despite having seen probably a hundred people since the last snow, no one bothered to check out. They were missing out. The undercast was overwhelming.

We checked out the views from the true summit and then headed back down and up to Field. This is one of the more gentle ascents and we barely broke a sweat. Ironically, I put Field in my bottom 10 4000 footers last week, but after this last journey there it may sneak back up a few spots. The views were lovely.

The views were especially nice heading down the other side and over to Willey. Usually this 1.4 stretch feels endless, but with the perfectly packed snow, it was effortless. We were quickly atop the summit of Willey and got the best views of the day.

We retraced our steps over to Field in due time and then headed down the Avalon Trail. Someone had taken a sled to the trail so it was a bit slippery, but very packed down. The views from Avalon are a little less majestic than Willey, but still quite nice.

It was about as great a day as you could get, with impeccable blue skies coupled with not too cold temperatures and some undercast clouds to boot!

Total Time: 5 hrs 51 minsTotal Distance: ~10 miles (Garmin Fenix 5x Plus)Total Elevation Gain: 4183 elevation gain