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Hadwen Park is a small urban playground off busy Stafford Street in Worcester. It's great for dog walking and short runs. I had the pleasure to do it in the winter with microspikes and no people due to the gate being closed, but it was a great time to explore it.

There are a decent amount of trail options but they are not very long. There are nice views of the water adjacent to the parking lot, and the red trail follows along the river. If one was feeling mighty ambitious they could combine these trails with Parson's Cider Mill and beyond.

It was a little icy, but added to the serenity.

After leaving the red trail, I tried to make use of some of the others, including yellow, blue, and purple. Since the trails are so short, I was able to run almost all of them.

All in all, this was a fun, albeit short adventure. You could get a few miles in if you try to explore everything that the park has to offer. It would be a great spot to live near combining some road running.

Total Time: ~22 minsTotal Distance: ~1.6 milesTotal Elevation Gain: ~266 vertical gain