Welcome to the very first post of Peaceful Tourist. I went on a roadside attraction scavenger hunt today. Through Topanga and on to the Valley I encountered an eclectic sugar rush of visual oddities.

I concocted a plan for the day. I hopped in my car, positive vibrations humming. From Pacific Cast Highway I wound my way north on Topanga Canyon Blvd.

My first stop was a thrift store called Hidden Treasures. I thought this appropriate as Peaceful Tourist will be dedicated to searching for hidden treasures of all shapes and sizes.

Adorned with bright, charming and weird decorations, Hidden Treasures lured me in, a stoned bee tripping on Technicolor flowers.

The fun carries from the outside to the inside and then out the back. There’s so much for the mind to absorb.

I was reminded of a low-budget “Small World” ride, slightly unhinged.

I know this is a business that sells clothes and assorted knick-knacks, but my dream is that they’d ditch all of that stuff and fill the entire place with these carnival ride decorations.

Behind the store is an Under the Sea scene and other crazy weirdness.

I saddled up and headed on my way.

A few minutes north stands the Great Wall of Topanga.

It’s beautiful when inspired people gift the World with fantastic creations.

There are a couple of bottle cap mosaics. Really cool.

Human-size Mouse Trap

My next stop was Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. Geer was best known for playing Grandpa on the Waltons TV show back in the 1970’s. This shady canyon property is home to a little open air theater.

Crossing Over, Never the Same Again

Visitors are permitted to roam the grounds. What a pleasant idea, putting on theatrical productions in this natural setting.

Getting close to Mr. Geer. Perhaps too close?

I took center stage. The theater is quaint, with bleachers built on a natural slope. I’d like to go see a play on a cool summer evening.

Still traveling north on Topanga Canyon Blvd., I stopped at the flying pig sculpture.

I reached a crest in the road. I made a quick stop at Top of Topanga Overlook, a viewpoint/micro park.

Photo 1 – View of the San Fernando Valley Photo 2– I noticed a steep trail on the side of the park and took it. I climbed straight up to a viewpoint of the viewpoint.

Next up was the Fry’s Electronics in Woodland Hills. They have an awesome Alice in Wonderland theme throughout.

Down the rabbit hole!

There’s lots of Alice characters but also some other stuff, like this dragon.

Feed your head…

Another short drive brought me to Pierce College. Here is home to Old Trapper’s Lodge, an old west themed community of folk art statues. They’re hidden there, among the trees. Photo 4 – There’s a Boot Hill cemetery with amusing epitaphs printed on the tombstones.

The highlight here is several cartoon-ish sculptures (I mean that in a good way).

This must be the Old Trapper himself. Possibly first American to sport a soul patch.

There are a couple of rather violent scenes. Were it not for it’s historical significance, this art might not be thought of as okay in today’s day and age.


I made quick stop to feed these two dinosaurs located on the corner of Wilbur and Hart in Reseda. Lost in a time warp, they had not eaten in 100 million years.

In Tarzana; Normally I’m not a fan of strip malls, but this is one shaped like the front end of a Cadillac. Need I say more.

Finally, I stopped in Agoura Hills to get a shot of this Indian Chief standing atop a hill. Is he alive?

I end the first of many tours to come.

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