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The Bubbles are the most quintessentially Acadia hike in the park. Short, decently steep, and sweeping views are to be had from both peaks. We decided to tag the North Bubble first, the taller of the two.

We started up the Bubbles Divide Trail and made quick work of the perfectly maintained trail up to the junction with the Bubbles.

It gets steep up to North Bubble, but nothing too difficult. It's only .2 miles from here, and the views are well worth the effort.

We headed back to the junction and into the dawning alpenglow. We saw only a few other parties on our entire evening journey.

South Bubble has the more up close and personal view of Jordan Pond. This isn't my preferred approach up the peaks, as the ridge coming up South Bubble is much more scenic, but it's less elevation gain cumulatively.

We caught the sunrise and then headed back down. These two peaks are must-do hikes for anyone visiting Acadia, and are quite family friendly.

Total Time: 51 minsTotal Distance: ~1.76 milesTotal Elevation Gain: ~551 vertical gain