Date: 10/11/20

Daily Miles: 18

Total Miles: 1926

We decided to have a slow morning in town before heading out. We slept in, sorted the food we had bought yesterday and ate breakfast. We loaded up with water for a 26 mile dry stretch and started back to the trail.

Sadly, most of the trail today was actually a state highway that we walked along. The CDT in southern NM is certainly not endearing itself to us with all the paved road walking. There was a lot of traffic on the road today, which is pretty annoying when there is almost no shoulder. At least we had a nice breeze to cool us off as we walked.

We basically just listened to podcasts and audiobooks to pass the time on the road. At one point, a guy stopped and asked if we needed any water. When we said we were good, he offered us snacks and bananas. We took him up on the bananas, since fresh fruit is something we miss on the trail. We always appreciate the kindness folks show us on the trail.

We eventually made it to a dirt road and we just walked another few miles before stopping early for the day. We are cowboy camping for the first time on this trail. Since we set up our sleeping bags, there have been about four wasps flying around. We are just hoping that we don’t get stung overnight.

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