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The Kennebec Highlands in Maine are a small chain of tiny mountains that sit above a series of lakes in Kennebec County. They're a formidable bunch of peaks despite their small stature. One of the more prominent peaks, French Mountain, is a very short hike with a very great view.

There are plenty of resources online for trail maps of the region, but it's a self explanatory loop. I began on the right side and headed along an easy path before it got quite steep heading up toward the top.

I was at the top in no time, and enjoyed the views with a few other people. The classic view is the first picture of this post.

I continued the loop along easy but steep terrain back to the car, to make for a good sub 30 minute hike.
Total Time: 16 minutesTotal Distance: ~.83 milesTotal Elevation Gain: ~203 vertical gain