Hi, I'm Zach Andreas, im a 17 year old from California. Currently in my seinor year of high school so I plan to set out on Pacific Crest Trail on June 5, 2020. I'm not doing all of it, I'm starting from Midway point in Chester, CA unless you convince me otherwise. I'm also vegan but I don't mind a non vegan partner, I couldn't give a hoot as long as we respect each other.

My point here is to state that my mom will not let me go alone (I turn 18 in September 2020 so I'll still be 17 on the hike). I'm looking for someone 18+ to be my hiking partner just to calm my mom down. I'm very minimalistic, talkative, energetic. And I can easily put in 25 miles days (I've tested this (I don't really get tired).

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