Hello Fellow hikers,

We are a group of 5 guys ~25 years old. Planning to go on a multi-day hike in Norway in the period between the 16th of May till the 27th of May 2020.

It seems that any hiking information for this time period is very limited since the official hiking season starts later in the year, but from what I found there might be some accessible areas although that is not fully clear.

We have 2 experienced army members in the hiking team who both have had cold weather survival training in Norway winter and they should be able to help us train and prepare for the trip.

We will be renting a car from the airport or closeby proximity in order to get around but are planning to mostly walk and sleep in tents outside for the duration of the trip.

We do need some extra information before we go especially regarding the time of year we will be visiting and therefore I have prepared some questions below:

What will be some nice areas that are likely to be accessible for multi-day hiking in this time period(16th-27th of may) and which nearby airports can you suggest?

Will we be needing any special type of gear on the suggested hiking areas like snowshoes etc?

Any suggestions on car rentals?

What type of weather and temperatures can we expect? (so we can bring the correct type of gear)

Anything special we need to take into consideration?

I would like to thank you all very much in advance for helping us out 🙂

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