I am planning to go on a trip this year and want to see and experience nature by going on a hike.

I am a hike-beginner with only three of them under my belt. All of which were very easy and in excellent groups with lots of experience. However, this time I plan on going alone.

So obviously there is a risk of slipping, falling down or something else happening with no-one around. I suppose the best I can do is make people aware of my plans (route, time and place of arrival) and make sure I have some light emergency gear with me.

I am in a bit of a dilemma as to wanting to get away from civilisation, but considering how inexperienced I am I would rather stick to travelled routes.

I decided to have a look here at /r/hiking to see if I could find any tips or general advice. Anything is helpful. Suggestions for gear, what I should look out for when selecting routes e.t.c. I did not see anything in the side-bar so I took the risk of posting 😉

I do have experienced hikers among friends which I will definietely ask for advice as well. But it obviously won't hurt to ask in here as well 🙂

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