It was an Autumn for the ages in the mountains. The most vivid and longest lasting foliage I can remember, just driving through the notches on the way to the trailheads was a joy.
Sarge got in some spectacular hikes on his way to finishing his NH 48 4000 foot mountains! Yay for Sarge 🙂
Enjoy the pictures!
Hiking along the Brothers on the way to Big Slide over in the Adirondacks. Great Range in view
The Calamity! More info here
Flowed Land, Mount Colden in View
Par for the course in the ADKs. Herbert Brook Herd Path on Mount Marshall
Peek-a-boo Sarge on the Fire Warden's Trail, Mount Hale
Sarge and Piper, the Derp Squad on Signal Ridge
Castle View in Randolph, NH
Rainbow Trail on the way to Carter Dome
Sarge above Carter Notch with Wildcat A peak across the way
Carter Notch Lake
Daddy, is that you??
Making a new friend
Ear flappin' – wind sniffin' on Mount Madison
Professor Biscuit(s) on Mount Adams
Snack break on Mount Adams
Happy dog!
Cairn watching Sarge says, "Winter is coming soon at Thunderstorm Junction."
Back yard peepin'
Hide n' seek last place
Rocky Branch Trail
Heading into the Engine Hill glades
Open and easy bushwhackin'
Engine Hill glades
Mount Isolation
Rocky Branch Trail
Flume Slide Trail
Cooling off the pads!
Charging up Flume Slide
Mount Flume
Taking in the views of the Pemi Wilderness
Mount Liberty
4000 foot fluff ball
Liberty Spring Trail
Livermore Trail
Sandwiches in the wilderness…YUMMY!
Bottom of North Tripyramid Slide
Moment of zen
Mountain goat!
Top of North Tri Slide
Middle Tripyramid viewpoint
Sarges, 48 finish on Middle Tripyramid. High five'rs all around!!
Top of South Tripyramid Slide
does this boulder make my fluff butt look too fluffly??!!
Peak foliage is over…Soon Snow Patrol Sarge starts heading to the Bowl in Tucks 🙂