I have a friend I text whenever I travel, because lately every trip I have taken has included airport delays. Not just one but multiple delays, resulting in cancelled flights and nights spent randomly in strange cities. You're going to laugh, I texted her today. But, DELAY! And then, another delay! WHY, WHY WHY!
As I write this, I have been delayed in Duluth and now in Minneapolis. Getting out of Minneapolis seems like an impossible dream at this point. The ticket agent talked me out of an earlier flight that would have had another connection, instead of this direct flight, and so I am stuck with my decision.
In multiple hours in a freezing airport (air conditioning, MSP? really?) I have taken the tram randomly, done a ton of work, had a couple conference calls, eaten M&Ms (because at some point you just give up on a healthy diet), and felt like joining a little kid in a meltdown. Because really, traveling would be so much fun without…well, traveling.
I wish I had some cheerful tips on how to deal with this, but really, airplane travel is just something to endure. Like the time we sat on the runway jettisoning fuel because we were too heavy. Or we had to sit in a yurt miles from anywhere because "we need to find a captain." Whenever the captain comes on and says, "Well, folks…" then you know that nothing good is going to occur.
I had fun on my combined work and personal trip, which I will write about later, but now I need to find a puffy jacket, some more candy, and have a meltdown. Thirteen hours so far in airports almost makes me want to reconsider future trips. Almost…