In terms of sheer natural beauty and variety, Costa Rica is a white unicorn of sorts. The country has everything from dense rainforests and high volcanic peaks to dry tundra and gushing rivers, all of it sandwiched between two distinct coastlines blessed with epic surf and secluded beaches.

“Costa Rica is like several countries in one,” says a local runner who designs multi-day trail-running adventures all over the world. “It’s full of different terrain, and different cultures. It’s full of possibilities.”

Given all that, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica is a bull’s-eye on the international tourism map. But it’s not all tour buses, cargo shorts, and tube-socks-under-sandals—not even close.

Thanks to the country’s environmentally progressive land conservation policies (more than a quarter of its land is protected as national parks or refuges), there’s a surplus of off-the-beaten-path adventures waiting to be had. Want to explore Costa Rica’s wild side?

Here are some of the best adventures to get you started…

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