Hiking is a pretty liberating experience since you get to truly immerse yourself into the gorgeous landscape of the world. But it is not without its rules, and within all rules there are always a few that are just a tad strange.

Some of these rules make sense, but the reasoning may seem a bit strange. Others are reasonable, but only with a certain amount of context. But a few feel completely outlandish and it is hard to understand what the story was behind them.

For example, Don’t give booze to a moose:

While hiking in Alaska, you might a spot a moose. And then you might have an uncontrollable urge to crack a cold one with said moose, but unfortunately for you it is illegal to do so. Giving a moose any sort of alcohol is illegal within the state of Alaska and is considered an offense. Likely this is because you are endangering the animal by doing so. It seems like someone did not figure that out because the state had to make a specific law for it. Additionally, like bears, moose are very dangerous creatures and likely more so when wasted.

Here are some of the weirdest rules of hiking…

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