Two Belgian climbers rescued on the Matterhorn by helicopter after rope snags on rock outcropping
Sergi Mingote to climb all 8000ers without supplemental oxygen in 1,000 days –
Yesterday afternoon, Thursday 5 September, a new tragedy on the Matterhorn was touched . Two Belgian climbers fell to 3,900 meters above sea level on the Italian side. At the time of the accident they were proceeding bound in preservation . The two slipped, falling about twenty meters along the steep wall. Suddenly the rope caught on a rocky outcrop. A fortune not just.
The alarm was raised at 5.00 pm The Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue intervened by recovering the two climbers, who were then transported to the hospital in Aosta. One of the two has reported several traumas in the fall but fortunately it would not be life threatening. –– Sergi Mingote to climb all 8000ers without O2 in 1,000 days

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