Sure hiking trails are great, but don’t you think they’d be even better if they included scoops of ice cream instead rocks and bugs and stuff? Well, Pennsylvania just made that dream into a sweet, sweet reality with their massive, statewide ice cream trail.

The trail is made each year by Discover PA, and this year it features a whopping 32 creameries and ice cream shops for you to enjoy. If that sounds like a lot to you, you can break the big journey into three smaller trails, segmented by region. The Western trail features nine stops, the South Central trail features 13 stops, and the Eastern trail features nine stops.

In case eating delicious ice cream doesn’t seem worth your time, you can also get rewarded just for taking part in the trail. Participants until September 2, 2019 to visit five stops on the list of their choosing and mail their ice cream “passport” in to get a free T-shirt.

If you still need some inspiration before hitting the trail, know this: yo might find three goats named Frosty, Dip, and Scoop at one ice cream trail location. That alone is reason enough to set off on your merry way.


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