Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeLackawaxen Lake sits just below Clayton Peak, off of Guardsmans Pass. Because this trail is on the other side of Big Cottonwood Canyon, dogs are allowed off leash. In fact, this trail is a perfect summer hike for the pups since there are two lakes for them to swim in, Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Lake.
This is a popular trail, especially to Bloods Lake, but beyond that not many people venture up to Lackawaxen. The mosquitoes can be really bad on this trail, so bring bug spray just in case. Lackawaxen Lake makes you feel like you are in high alpine terrain, as you hike through open meadows and then a small boulder field before reaching the lake.
The trail starts 1 mile to the East of Guardsmans Pass. Use this driving map if you are coming from SLC. The road to Guardsmas Pass is only open during summer months.
Distance: 5 miles RTElevation gain: 920 ftTime: 1-3 hoursDog friendly? Yes, off leashKid friendly? Yes for ages 10+Fees/permits? None
Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen Lakes The new parking area is located at GPS: 40.6095327,-111.5383292It can fit roughly 50-60 cars and there is a port-a-potty available.Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen LakesUse the cross walk from the parking lot, then you will see the sign for Bloods Lake Trail.Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen Lakes The new trail is very nice and gradual, and very shaded. Much better views as well!Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen Lakes Tall Aspen tress line the trail.Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen LakesPass by a large open meadow to the left, then work up a handful of switchbacks.Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeAt 1.5 miles reach Bloods Lake!Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen LakesWalk around Bloods Lake, and when you reach the SE end, hike up the trail that looks like it leads left. This will wrap back around to the South, leading to Lackawaxen Lake.Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen Lakes You'll hike up a small hill, then will immediately drop back down.Hiking to Bloods & Lackawaxen LakesThe trail heads directly West for about 0.5 miles, and you'll hike up two but short and steep sections of trail.Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeEventually the trail curves south again, and you will be hiking through a pretty, open meadow.Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeThe trail can get a little mushy, especially if you hike early in the season.Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeYou'll hike through a small boulder field. You can still see a trail, from all the people that hike over the boulders and have worn the rock down a little. If you feel lost, just aim for the group of trees straight ahead. Lackawaxen Lake is just beyond those trees.Hiking to Lackawaxen LakeAt 2.5 miles reach Lackawaxen Lake!
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Bloods & Lackawaxen Lakes trail map

Shadow LakeHiking to Shadow Lake via Guardsmans Pass
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