Connecting to nature and finding joy in the outdoors doesn’t have to mean climbing to the top of a remote mountain peak. There are all sorts of things to find—from right outside your door to just across town. Whether you’re spending time with kids outside or looking for an excuse to get some fresh air, these simple activities can offer some inspiration. We believe there are questions that only the outdoors can answer. If you were wondering about how to do any of these things, well, we’ve got you covered.

Making a flower press won’t make the sun stay out later in October, but it will allow you to hold onto something special until then. Whether it’s from your garden, your neighbor’s garden or a bouquet of cut flowers someone gave you recently, here’s how to save one stem for yourself. That said, make sure you’re not pulling up a wildflower from the woods. And if you need a refresher on Leave No Trace principles, here’s a reminder.

How to Press a Flower

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What you’ll need:

  • Flowers
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Picture frame
  • Heavy books
  • Tweezers


1. The Flower

Picking the right flower is key. The color will fade once it’s pressed so find a flower that’s vibrant and freshly bloomed.

2. Preparation

Trim away any unwanted leaves or stems. If it’s a thicker flower, such as a rose, you’ll want to split it down the middle with scissors or a knife, so it’s easier to press.

3. The Paper

Get some parchment paper, cardboard or even a coffee filter. Then place the flower between two pieces of paper, positioning it so the bloom is facing down.

4. The Press

Find the biggest book you have, and place the paper with your flower in it somewhere in the middle and carefully close the book. Now, place other heavy objects on top of the book, such as a brick or more books.

5. Fertilize

Change the paper once every three days. The flower will be dry in three to four weeks. If it doesn’t have a papery feel, change the paper and let it sit longer. Once it’s done, remove the flower very carefully (with tweezers, or your hands), as it will be very delicate.

6. Display

Now that you’ve pressed your flower, you can display it in a variety of ways. Our favorite way is to arrange one or more flowers in a picture frame to hang on a wall.

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