A key to having a good hike is to be comfortable. Most hikers first think of their hiking shoes and this is important. But what about your underwear? If it doesn't allow freedom of movement or retains sweat you will not be comfortable. Picture

Introducing Shinesty

Shinesty makes cool clothing for your outdoor activities. They gave me a pair of boxers and a thong to review. Naturally I wore the thong 🙂

Here's what I liked about the boxers:
They were very comfortable, almost felt like I wasn't wearing them.
They wick moisture away from my body so I stayed cool.
They were not binding. I had total freedom of movement.
They are colorful.
They protect your skin from chafing.
Here's what I liked about the Thong:
The person wearing it 🙂
Linda wore the thong and said; "The thong feels great!! And seamless. Didn't feel like it was holding moisture." I will take her word! Picture Shinesty has a variety of products for the outdoor lover. Check them out.