The excitement of hiking – whether it lasts thirty minutes and is a small interlude in a packed day or whether it lasts several hours or even days – can be difficult to replicate. People often talk about a runner’s high, but a hiker’s high is far more apt. You have the beautiful scenery to take in, the challenging terrain, and there are even elements of the hike that can get your pulse going, especially if vertical rockfaces are involved. Being at one with nature is amazing, but sometimes we need some technological help. So, here are the best mobile developments to make your life easier when going on a hike?
Picture Apps to Help You Hike
Monitoring fitness doesn’t just mean we need to check if we’ve done our steps – which we do – but it also means we can give ourselves a health check in some of the intense temperatures. The Fitbit is a crucial piece of monitoring technology that can help you improve fitness by taking data from each hike and plotting your progress in terms of speed, steps, and calories burned. While Plotaroute can help you plot out where you want to go on your hike and ensure it fits with the group’s level of difficulty and the timeframe you want to hike to last, the Gaia GPS app does much the same, mapping out even the contours of the earth to give an accurate representation. Meanwhile, the National Parks by Chimani app helps to plot out particular routes around national parks and could be particularly useful near Las Vegas for Zion National Park or Death Valley National Park. Picture Games to Help You Relax
What is the smartphone if not the most versatile gaming device? Hikes can be tiring and regular rest breaks are advisable. So, it’s important to have something fun to do while doing so, and that’s where games come in. For instance, Pokémon Go is a perfect title to take on a hike as some of the rarer Pokémon could be hiding deep in the unknown. Or we can even indulge in the magic of the city that sprawls out next to our hiking track with some online casino gaming action. As Bonus Source shows through their compilation of the best welcome offers and bonuses for a series of casinos available to play online, operators vie for players' attention through attractive offers, which means that you can get started at any of a series of reputable sites with some bonus credit.

Las Vegas is more than just the City of Lights and a place for Celine Dion, Britney, and Cher to rest in between tours. The beautiful vistas and iconic locations nearby to hike through the desert mean that you can find yourself getting lost fairly quickly. With your smartphone by your side and the appropriate apps downloaded on it, you’ll be able to hike like a pro when you're actively on the move and when you stop on the trail for a rest.