More Summit Successes on K2 : With and without bottled Oxygen – from Stefan Nestler on his blog
Summit Fever : The Sierra Challenge – from and Bob Burd of the Sierra Club — Stefan Nestler — More summit successes on K 2 : With and without bottled oxygen. — Summit Fever : and Bob Burd – Sierra Club — Sierra Challenge 2019 (Sierra Club)

DatePeakRT milesElev. gainFri, Aug 2Bergona Lake Peak93,800ftSat, Aug 3Virginia Pass Crag174,700ftSun, Aug 4White Bear Peak206,600ftMon, Aug 5Humphreys Basin214,400ftTue, Aug 6Darwin Canyon Peak134,500ftWed, Aug 7Apollo 1194,200ftThu, Aug 8Isosceles Peak143,800ftFri, Aug 9West Spur228,100ftSat, Aug 10Stanford Junior137,900ftSun, Aug 11The Major General174,100ft — Please log in Please log in
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