Gear Review: ROAM WalletsROAM Wallets are minimalist wallets designed to get you hands-free while shopping, doing outdoor activities, or simplify your accessories. These ultra slim and ultra light wallets come in several designs, with close to half designed by actual artists. ROAM Wallets are made from an elastic knit, made to hold up to 10 or 15 cards, depending on the size of wallet you get. No more hassling with huge purses, too many stuffed cards in your wallet they fall out, and way lighter and cooler looking to carry around.
Get my discount code below!Gear Review: ROAM WalletsROAM Wallets has close to 20 designs, both in the premium and minimalist style.Gear Review: ROAM WalletsThe minimal wallet can fit about 10-12 cards in it. The cards are different from other competitors in that the card sits horizontal This helps you find the card you are looking for much easier.Gear Review: ROAM WalletsAs mentioned, many of the wallet designs come from actual artists typically of from popular local areas, such as Delicate Arch.Gear Review: ROAM WalletsI love that on the back they give a shout out to the artist with all of their contact info. What a great way to help them out!Gear Review: ROAM WalletsA carabiner is attached to all wallet styles, so you can clip it on the go, clip on to your pants while shopping, hang on with your keys, or simply to have your wallet on you at all times without actually losing it! Just don't forget to unhook them from your pants before throwing it in the washer!Gear Review: ROAM WalletsBeautiful by design by Ali Hancock.
The minimal wallet only costs $12!Gear Review: ROAM Wallets"But they're so cute – what if they get dirty?" Glad you asked – they are machine washable! Just toss them in the wash (cold water), then let air dry.Gear Review: ROAM WalletsThe minimal wallet hold most of the cards I use most often. It actually seems to hold a little better with more cards in it. Gear Review: ROAM WalletsThe Premium wallets can hold closer to 15 cards with some cash in there. If you don't typically have many cards, you could also fit a small chapstick in there.Gear Review: ROAM WalletsStuffed, but everything is there!Gear Review: ROAM WalletsLoving this Lone Peak design. The Premium Wallet costs a mere $14!Gear Review: ROAM WalletsIt took me just about 2-3 days to get used to using the minimal wallet. I'm so used to having my huge wallet with me, that I kept thinking I was missing something. I had a few trial & error days of figuring out what cards I actually use the most, and added them in as needed. I couldn't believe that I typically only use the same 5-6 cards. Look in my big wallet and there's close to 20. I really like that I feel so light weight now while shopping, and don't have to bring everything in with me only to use the same few cards. If I need a rewards card I'll still have it with me in my big wallet, which I now keep in my car in a safe spot. I love that I can clip this onto my belt loop and shop hands free and get my work pack together without always having to search for my wallet. Super impressed!
ROAM Wallets are sold through the own website here, as well as REI.
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