I’ll try to keep this short. Currently training to hike Mt Whitney – we ascend in 5 weeks. My training has included HIIT 2-3 times a week and hikes most weekends ranging from 10-18 miles (doing the six pack of peaks).

Hiked 11 miles on Saturday – my feet were more sore than normal, but didn’t think much of it. Went for a quick jog on Sunday – my shins were bothering me a bit. Felt better to run than it did to power walk/jog. Googled it – sounds like shin splints, so I bought compression cuffs. Iced/stretched, then went to my HIIT class on Monday. Made it about 3/4 mile on the treadmill before I had to stop and walk the rest of the time. Shins were really bothering me.

I’ve taken the rest of the week off to rest. I’m trying to root cause what suddenly caused this. The hike this weekend wasn’t nearly as strenuous as those that I’ve done prior (we did Baden-Powell for this familiar with Southern California trails). I’ve been doing HIIT since January and until this week, I’ve felt great!

So I’m wondering if it’s my shoes. At what point do I know if it’s time to replace my hiking boots? I’m nervous to get new ones so close to such a grueling hike. I’ve had my current boots for about 2 years and I don’t recall how long it took to break them in – the hiking I did two years ago was nowhere near the intensity I’m doing now, and I don’t want to make things worse.

Any tips/insight/advice is greatly appreciated!

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