Photo: Big Laguna/PCT Loop

Hello Hikers!

Welcome to 2019! Looks like the weather should be clear and cool this week, with some possible rain for the weekend.

Due to the government shutdown, it looks like there are limited or no services in much of our federally operated hiking areas (basically the Cleveland National Forest). That means bathrooms are likely to be closed (or are not being serviced), and trash pick-up isn’t happening. Plan accordingly for your bathroom needs – use a public restroom before you reach your trailhead or be prepared to go on the trail. Take ALL of your trash home with you. If you want bonus points, consider bringing a large trash bag and hauling out any trash you find. With no trash pickup, trash cans can get overfilled leading to garbage all over the place – be awesome and help keep our forests clean! Cabrillo National Monument is closed.

In happier news, the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy has posted a great video showcasing the soon to open Pamo Valley segment of the Coast to Crest Trail. This new segment will link the existing Upper and Lower Santa Ysabel Truck Trail segments in Ramona. We can’t wait to check it out!

Fox 5 has an article reminding us that winter is tick season in San Diego. Protect yourself while hiking by staying on the trail and out of the grass and brush, using insect repellent such as DEET or treating your clothes with permethrin, and wearing light colored clothing to make it easier to spot ticks. Once you’re off the trail, do a thorough tick check on yourself (and dog, if you brought one) and promptly remove any ticks you find.

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Have a good week!

Photo: Mount Woodson via Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

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