The Great River Rumble 2016. I apologize, for the lateness of this blog. I loaded the photos when I got home, but forgot to caption the photos. I am doing this days before my 2017 trip.

Group photo 2016

Find your things and set up your camp

My friend Lori (In the background) and my daughter Kayla (sitting) setting up camp.

Picking out our cooler from the sea of coolers

And were off

Break time

Water is supplied today

This was a hot spot. No shade


Most nights there were talented people with a variety of musical instruments.

Cardinal flower on the shoreline

Ladies I met that were also on the trip

Lori relaxing

Kayla trying out a kayak

Today we found a shady spot to set up camp

The phone charging station. I left my at home. When I go, I want to stay unplugged.

End to end camp

Didn't play this game, nor could I figure out the rules

This was a house nearby our camp

Another evening with after dinner music. I loved this!

Kayla even participated with her singing

The singers increased and so did the crowd.

Our leader "Rex" would give us the daily instructions in the morning

There is also a landing chair person that would give us a run down of what to expect when we arrived at our daily destination.

I saw some eagles on the river

I met so many people on the Rumble. Everyone was so nice. It is hard to remember everyone's name

Nice colorful photo of the kayaks during break

I think we were getting a training tip

Kayla testing the water.

Shoes drying after a wet day.

We camped in a City park. Time for a Leine!

How many times have you camped in a City Park?

Yes there is a storm brewing.

Cardinal Flower

Lori cooling off. Yes, she did convince me to cool off as well.

Another shady spot. YEAH!

And a mid afternoon song by Kerry and Kayla

Drying out some clothes

My Friend Kevin also took a turn at the guitar

We did some sight seeing

Cute table

Today was Crazy Hat day.

Lori and her crazy hat!

We went though 3 locks while on the trip. We had to hold onto a rope

Lunch time

It was a little muddy at this site.

Lori and Kevin

The water was a little choppy today. It took Kayla and I forever to get across.

Kayla decided to paddle with someone else today in the tandem Kayak

Great Ice Cream also

Drying things out again

at this location there was a flintnapper. This is someone who chips away rocks from another rock, making knives or weapons. Very interesting.

At this location, there was beer flights available. I love beer flights.

And…. more music. YIPPEE!!!

Love the sunset and we walked back to our tents.

What a colorful group of kayaks

The oldest paddlers of the group

The youngest paddlers of the group

Another morning briefing with Rex and the landing chair

Some days we had mornings stretches

And were off again

Mike and Amy, this is the couple that first introduced me to the Rumble. Thank you Mike and Amy!

Kayla and I in the tandem

Kayla and I again

Barge on the left

Damsel fly

One more time through the locks

I think this was the end of the trip. We pulled the kayaks out and loaded them on the car.