Hiking continues to be a popular form of exercise in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, with more and more people coupling the activity with seeing the grand sights of the Sin City or the surrounding natural wonders like Lake Mead. Hiking, as described by WebMD, can be a powerful cardio workout that improves your blood pressure, boosts bone density, builds strength in your leg muscles, and lowers your risk of heart disease.

Many people opt to hike on their own or as a couple, and while that’s all well and good, they’re missing out on all of the added benefits and fun to be had when hiking with a group. Here, we’ll be breaking down the pros of joining a hiking group in our local area as well as highlighting a group that some see as a bit unconventional, but certainly delivers some added fun along their unique hiking trails.

Enjoy your hikes even more with a hiking group

Picture IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay One of the most obvious benefits of joining a hiking group is that you’ll be walking around with like-minded people who also enjoy the activity and the sights along the way. You all take on the challenge together, which, in turn, creates lasting bonds to enhance the experience. ActiveJunky puts the comradery as the greatest aspect of hiking with a group, but just as important is the additional safety that comes with walking in a group. Particularly when you’re tackling challenging trails like those that meet the stunning Sierra Peaks, getting injured while on your own can cause a lot of problems. But when you have people around you, there is help at hand.

While you can gain a lot of in-depth knowledge about hiking around Las Vegas and throughout Nevada online, the veterans in hiking groups will know many secrets about the local area, trails, and places to stop which can be invaluable if you decide to go out on a solo hike in the future. Whether it’s hiking through the city towards Red Rock Canyon, which is a mere 20 miles west from Las Vegas, or exploring the wild surrounding area, someone in a hiking group is bound to have a tip or two for you.

Finding a hiking group in Las Vegas

Picture IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay Las Vegas boasts many iconic sights throughout the city and a beautiful surrounding area that’s filled with natural wonder. So, as you would expect, there are a fair few avid hikers in the area. Thanks to the internet connecting us all, there are also many Las Vegas-based hiking groups, some of which boast thousands of members. The website MeetUp shows that there are loads of hiking groups that all have something different to offer, from the Las Vegas Hiking for the 20s and 30s group to the High-Conscious Nature Hikes group. Hiking Las Vegas boasts over 2500 members, while Hiking & Hangovers puts a special emphasis on the comradery.

One of the most intriguing groups, however, is the Las Vegas High Rollers and Strollers group, which offers a wide range of different hikes across and around Sin City. The group regularly concocts new routes and ways to hike the local area, but some of their most popular have proven to be their staple Strip walks. Giving the option for group members to 'duck into air-conditioned hotels and casinos along the way' is certainly a fun prospect to add to the route.

Hiking the Strip with LVHRS

Picture IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay Most hiking groups explore the surrounding area of Las Vegas, but the Las Vegas High Rollers and Strollers like to combine hiking with the thrills of the Las Vegas Strip. Two of their most infamous trails are the North Strip Walk and the South Strip Walk. As the main reason for many people to visit Sin City is to indulge in some gambling, which is why Statista records over 164,000 slots in the state, these hikes have become very popular for those who want to get a feel of Las Vegas while getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. With the South Strip Walk venturing through venues like the Mandalay Bay, Tropicana MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, and Bellagio and the North Strip Walk going to Circus Circus, Riviera, Venetian, Palazzo, and Caesars Palace, everyone’s bound to find a variation of a game that they love.
As noted by Britannica, Las Vegas Craps is played in virtually all American casinos, so anyone who wants to roll the dice should be able to on one of these hikes. Las Vegas also boasts a tremendous range of blackjack variants for hikers to sit down at to beat the dealer, with the Betway blackjack page detailing the differences between Classic, European, and Atlantic City blackjack games.
Then, of course, there’s the game where everyone tests their lucky numbers: roulette. The key to roulette in Las Vegas is finding the casinos, of which there are many along the Strip hikes, which have European roulette and not just American roulette as the European game boasts a far smaller house edge with the lack of the '00' pocket.

With the LVHRS, you don’t just get the added benefits of joining a hiking group; you also get to dip into Las Vegas’ biggest and best casinos to indulge in some gaming – making for a truly unique experience.