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If you live in Central Mass, chances are you've either hiked or heard of Mount Wachusett. Aside from some smaller "peaks" in the area such as Mount Grace and Tully Mountain, this is pretty much all we have. There are a decent amount of trails on the mountain, so I've conveniently listed my five favorites for your consideration.
5. Stagecoach/Harrington Trail
In theory this is two trails, but they are almost always used interchangeably as one. That's because not many people start the Harrington Trail from its direct approach. Many hikers begin on the Stagecoach Trail and head past the windmills, linking up with the Harrington Trail. It's one of the lengthier approaches to the summit, but no doubt is your best bet if you want to do a longer hike. It's always fun to see the massive windmills on your way to the summit! (Note the picture below is taken from the direct start of Harrington).

4. Mountain House Trail
This is the only other "main trail" on this list. But it's my favorite direct approach to the summit because it's short, steep, and all business. It's awfully eroded and getting worse, but it's my preferred approach over the Pine Hill Trail because it's just a bit more exciting than a Stairmaster.
3. Echo Lake Road/Administration Road/West Road
It may seem counterintuitive that roads can be part of my "favorite trails." But the beautiful part about these "roads" is that they are gravel, and if you want to make big loops around the mountain you almost certainly have to take one of them at one point or another. The footing is great considering the mountain proper can get quite eroded. That, and these roads are also very runnable for the trail runners out there. Come fall, they are especially beautiful, and I'd highly recommend.

2. Bolton Pond Trail/Balance Rock
A classic northern loop of the mountain commences at the Bolton Pond Trail and loops the Old Indian/Semuhenna Trails. I'm a big fan of the Semuhenna Trail, as it is typically less crowded than Old Indian Trail. Moreover, the Bolton Pond Trail is a more scenic and less busy than the other starting point of this hike, the Balance Rock Trail. It crosses adjacent to a beautiful wetland and ends at one of the coolest formations on the mountain, Balance Rock.

1. Jack Frost Trail
The Jack Frost Trail is easily my favorite trail on the mountain. It's one of the few trails that you actually feel like you're entering history. Much of the trail is "old growth," and though I can't vouch for sure, it seems as if it wasn't extensively logged. If someone has a lead on a history book about the mountain, please post in the comments here. You won't be disappointed with this trail if you like big trees and steep inclines.