Today is the first week in a about 3 weeks that I went hiking with the Walker's Club. The day was overcast and very humid. There was a mix up with the schedule, so 1/2 of the group went to Starved Rock, French Canyon, Beehive Overlook, Lover's Leap and Eagle's Cliff. My group went to Aurora Canyon and then through the picnic area. Over the entrance road and into St. Louis Canyon. Coming back on the West Bluff trail over Kickapoo, Sac and Aurora Canyons.

Chainsaw Woodcarving at the Lodge. Illinois Symbols
Bridge over the entrance road. Trail leads to St. Louis Canyon

We all went into Aurora Canyon before venturing onto St. Louis Canyon

Looking Good! Aurora Canyon. Video to follow…

Wild Hydrangea are everywhere in the park. All white.

Maidenhair Fern
Walking through the picnic area. Isn't that a great looking group of hikers?

One of the youngest hikers today. If he's visiting Grandma and Grandpa and they are going hiking, then so are they. Yippee!!

Crossing the main entrance road and onto St. Louis Canyon

Found this flower on the way down the steps from the road.

Steps on the other side of the road, heading into St. Louis Canyon
All make the walk down seem effortless


Black raspberries for a lucky few.

St. Louis Canyon is a wonderful as I had anticipated.

East side of the Canyon

Ron, Carol, Adam and Jack. All enjoying the breeze from the waterfall. Or maybe it is the company they keep.

The pool beneath the waterfall in St. Louis Canyon.

One more St. Louis Waterfall picture

Walking back on the bluff trail

Purple Campanula flower.

Stairway by the "Orange Rock" on the way back to the Lodge (last big stairway)

Another Wild Hydrangea

Nice "Apple" This was from the Mayapple flower.

Sac Canyon

Aurora Canyon looking to the South

Almost back to the Lodge, just cross over the bridge and you are there.

I will leave you with this: Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you will become.