Greetings, friends. I just finished another 150 miles of the PCT. And as usual, it didn't go according to plan, but none of it ever has, so why should it this time?
Anyway, today I was met with two extremes. At Hikertown (wait. Wasn't I supposed to be in the Sierra? I'll explain next time) I sat with Silver, who is 68 and well on his way to a Triple Triple Crown (a Triple Crown is completing the Appalachian, PCT and the Continental Divide Trails. No easy feat). Silver looked many years younger than his true age. Then on the way to Mammoth, I gave two hikers a ride to Bishop. Rocketman is 19, and hiked the AT last year when he was 18.
Both of these hikers had what I think of as the spark. When someone has it, they glow from within. They are just interesting to be around. I'm sure we can all name people who are like this. The trick is to never give up yours, whatever it is that creates it for you.
I will miss the camaraderie of the trail. Silver and Rocketman, if by chance you read this, let me know how the trail treats you.
More to come…