Trail Distance: 5.1 miles
Elevation Gain: ~1,000 ft.
Terrain Rating: Easy
Hike Time: 2.5 hours
Dog Friendly: No

Ray Miller Hike

The Ray Miller Hike is one of the best coastal hikes in Malibu with sweeping views of the Pacific

Trailhead: 1 hour North of Santa Monica, parking lot here

We started the Ray Miller hike on a fall day. The trailhead is easy enough to find and we had no issues parking. The hike is a good option for those who want a coastal hike a little deeper in Malibu. It requires a bit longer of a drive than some of the other Malibu hikes, but you’ll also see a lot fewer people!

Ray Miller Hike

The hike itself is typical of what you’d see for Malibu hikes. Switchback, dust, views of the ocean. Overall I wasn’t too blown away because I had done a few other hikes in Malibu before, BUT it is nice. It’s a really good afternoon stretch if you’re looking to get outside – nothing to get hyped about.