From hiking dog jealousy to estimating the calorie-to-weight ratio of entire grocery stores, outdoor adventurers have unique experiences all around.

Here are just a few to make you laugh, paired with watercolor interpretations of outdoorsy absurdity.

1. When you pull on your favorite hiking pants and wrappers pour out from the pockets.

2. When you take leave no trace principles everywhere you go… and maybe a little too far.

3. When your finances are getting tight and you "don't know why."

4. When a friend keeps saying they want to hike with you… and this happens.

*Ten miles and three days later:*

5. When someone asks, "What is your obsession with wool?"

6. When you are constantly considering how much money you could save by moving into your tent.

7. When you begin packing everything like a backpack… even purses and grocery bags.

Regardless of having to restrain ourselves in city parks, outdoor lovers have challenging, growing, and beautiful experiences to share (If only all those stickers could fit on our water bottles…).

Have any outdoorsy problems of your own? Share them in the comments below!