I have a new book to start, a six pack of beer sitting in the fridge, a beautiful afternoon forecast and a deck with furniture waiting for me to lounge upon. I needed to pass the morning some way before I could savour the afternoon and a sunny siesta. Off to the hills I went to hike. I opted to attack Prairie Mountain. It was me and one other vehicle. As I was ascending I met those people coming down. I knew I would own the summit!
Even before reaching the top I could see the haze. I was being optimistic and tried to convince myself it was a heat haze but in reality it was smoke from the wild fires. I could not smell it and it did not bother me but the views were not crystal clear. That far off look gave me a deja-vu feeling! Yet, it is still only May! I spent about 30 minutes on top of Prairie Mountain. There was a slight breeze which was nice. On the way down the temperature began to rise quickly, those just ascending were not moving quickly and I met many, maybe 20 or so. I was glad I went early. With this morning's work now accomplished, it was time to get on with an afternoon of luxuriating!