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The 40th Street Trailhead was only a 2.5 mile run on a day where our car was being fixed in the shop, so I figured, hey, why not! For a 3 mile round trip or so hike, Two Bit Peak was well worth the adventure.
My friend Aaron, who brought me up Piestewa, recommended that I do Two Bit since it was so close to his house. After the easy 2.5 mile run, I started up the trail and went the wrong way to the left when I was supposed to go straight. I retraced my steps and headed up toward the top. There were a decent amount of people given that it was a Thursday.

The trail is quite flat and rolling for just under a mile before it quickly switchbacks uphill very steeply. It was a great workout with wonderful views to boot.
At the summit, I ran into what we think was a red-tailed hawk, but it was very tame and let me snap quite a few pictures of it. Just a bit further up was the summit, which had several people, but it cleared out shortly thereafter and I had the peak to myself. I could see Camelback and Piestewa, two peaks I had hiked on/around in the preceding days.

I took the short loop trail up and over on the way back, though I did get somewhat lost and had to retrace my steps once again to the real trail. All in all, the Phoenix peaks are excellent to do in the winter when it isn't too hot.
Total Time: ~1 hr 15 minsTotal Distance: 3.14 miles (3 if I didn't get lost)Total Elevation Gain: ~1000 feet