It being Christmas it was time for what has become The Traditional Peak Bog Persons Christmas Carol Jaunt. We were back to Black Hill Trig Pillar on a misty winter’s night.

Each year sees two groups comprising of (a) moors runners (team Peak Bog) and (b) walkers (I was in that group) traversing the moors to meet at a pre agreed spot. To sing carols, share food, swig spirits and then scatter to the warmth of The Riverhead.

This year we returned to Black Hill Trig Pillar. For the runners (including Rona and Loki dogs) it meant crossing bog, gulleys full of snow and battling strong winds. And for the walkers it meant avoiding lethal ice on the Pennine Way flags and some occasional trudging through foot-deep snow.

But nothing too tricksy and nothing to deter us from meeting at the Trig, to decorate it, break out the food and the song sheets (thanks Ali) and serenade the Grouse, heard grumbling nearby.

Black Hill Peak District Christmas gathering
Carol singing – with modified lyrics (see video snippet, below)

Black Hill Peak District Christmas gathering
“Mac, lift your head so your headtorch doesn’t hit the camera lens..”

Black Hill Peak District Christmas gathering
Mac wasn’t concerned about backpack weight and brought whole bottle of the warming stuff.

Black Hill Peak District Christmas gathering
Me – with rosy cheeks – after walking through the sow and ice and then having a slurp of whisky 😉

Have a great festive break and a lovely start to the new year, wherever you are and whoever you are x

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