I find storys of people overcoming the challenges that life throws your way to be inspiring. A few years ago while hiking on Mt Woodson in San Diego I meet a veteran who had lost both legs to an explosive device while serving in Afghanistan. He was training to get ready to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, when I heard that it blew my mind. I’ve always wondered if I had gone through something simular if I would have the mental and physical fortitude to push past the obstacles that life throws in your way and excel. Meeting that veteran led me to the oginazation the Heroes Project, an orginzation that puts on events and raises money to send wounded veterans on adventures that help rebuild mind and body, they put on an event called Climb for Heroes every year along with several other events to help raise money for this cause, something I can totally get behind.

Recently Rangel from a company called Lyfx ( a company that connects “Local Experts” with people looking for adventures ) * I have yet to use the service so I am not promoting the company, its just an interesting story that I thought my readers may enjoy *, sent me a story about a young man born with cerebral palsy who has overcome so much in his life to excel in it, including recently climbing Punta Penia on Marmolada, the highest point in the Dolomites. I always find these storys inspiring, so I thought I would pass it on to you the reader, enjoy the read.

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The day a boy became a man and inspired the world

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