Mountain Range: Galtee MountainsWalk: O’Loughlins Castle LoopWow Factor: Fantastic views, O’Loughlins Castle (rocky outcrop, not a real castle)Distance: Approx. 14kmDuration: 4-5hrsOSI: 74Rating: Moderate
Start/Finish Point: R921 284 Lake Muskry Trail Head
Starting at the trail head car park follow the track crossing over the stile, keep to the right and take the high ground trail towards Lough Muskry. At R918 252 where the stream crosses the path head west for the spur coming off spot height 786. To make life easier aim for the col between 786 and Knockastakeen before commencing your climb, beware of boggy patches and keep to the higher ground. I won’t lie to you the climb up to spot height 786 isn’t easy and is a bit of a slog it just goes on and on but once you have gained the height the rest of the hike is a lot easier and pretty much a stroll in comparison. Better to take your time, stop often and enjoy the view…… it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Head East now climbing to the top of spot height 786 towards the col at R916 239 where you will come across O’Loughlins Castle, not a real castle by the way but a rocky outcrop which is still pretty cool although a real castle would have been awesome.
O’Loughlins Castle
This is a great spot for a rest and the “Castle” offers a great wind break during bad weather. So pull out the tea and sandwiches and savor the peace and quiet.

Once rested its time to tackle the last climb of the day and highest point of the hike by climbing Greenane at 802m. For better views keep to the left looking down on Lough Muskry below but be careful, if the weather is poor avoid this route.

The ground levels out now with a stroll across to Farbreaga 724m, you will find a large rocky mound here which makes a great seat for a final break.

Time to head down now and back to the real world……. the joys, following the North West spur coming off Farbreaga aiming for the forest below at R926 264, with the forest on your right continue down to the stream. If the weather has been good the water level will be low enough to allow crossing if the weather has been poor cross the fence on your right and look for a safer spot down river. Once across the stream continue up hill to meet the track and stile from the start of the hike and return to the trail head.
Congratulations another hike completed, time to put your feet up with a cup of tea and take it easy for the rest of the day you deserve it.