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The beautiful thing about owning backcountry skis and being a peakbagger is you can ski down quite a few mountains in the winter. Some obvious ones are those that have ski resorts attached to them, like Killington and Sugarloaf. Pico Peak is another one. As it is on the NEHH list, I've been eager to get to the summit for a while, but I didn't know the best way to do it. Until I learned that they allowed skinning to the summit. For just 20 dollars, you can get an uphill pass for the season.
Lauren and I started on the Lower Pike trail and planned to meet up with the Forty Niner trail. After passing the first lift, it gets quite steep, and we were having trouble ascending without slipping. But it didn't take too long, and we were on the summit in no time with fairly good views given the cloudiness.

We were so eager to get some turns in that we went about halfway up the mountain again and skied down.
Total Time: ~1.5 hoursTotal Ascent: ~1900 vertical gainTotal mileage: Unknown, but likely two miles or so to the top