I've been wanting to get back to the Nature Preserve to see if I could find the final waterfall at the end of Jolliet Canyon. My old guide book says there are 2 waterfalls past the Twin Falls area. Today we also visited Allouez Canyon. We parked across the street from the entrance to Deer Park Country Club and walked in. It's a bit tricky as there are no trails.

Allouez Canyon

Allouez Canyon received its name to honor the Jesuit missionary, Father Jean Claude Allouez (1622-1689), missionary to the Illinois Indians following the death of Marquette.

Allouez Canyon

Side wall of Allouez Canyon

Inside and behind the waterfall of the East waterfall of the Twin Falls. If you would follow this stream up you would come to Marquette Canyon.

Behind the East Twin Fall. Also took a video

Water coming down in the East Twin Fall
I have only seen this plant in the park at the trail crossing in Ottawa / Kaskaskia Canyons. What a treat. Horse tails

Now for the main event. We followed the stream up the canyon from the West Twin Falls (sorry I didn't get a photo) and finally came to the end waterfall for Jolliet Canyon. Very impressive! Getting in was nothing but ice. Good thing my friend Lori brought her Katoohlas. We couldn't have done it without them. Thank you, Thank you Lori. Lori went first and then I went up.

Lori started out being a little hesitant about standing on the frozen ice stream. I must have been convincing to tell her that if we were going to break through and get our feet wet, I would go first since I was heavier. I lead most of the way up until we put the Katoohlas on. Here we came upon Sandstone walls on both sides. The only way to get in was up a slight incline on the ice. Lori went first, and when she came back I went in. It was about 70 feet away.

We both actually slid down on this when we came out. No sled needed.

She couldn't resist not going in

Lori is in. I gotta say, I really didn't think she would go all the way to the top.

This massive ice fall is what was around the corner. Amazing!!! Jolliet Canyon – (formerly Hitt Canyon), Renamed to honor the French explorer Louis Jolliet (1645-1700), discoverer of the "Illinois Country" in 1673.

I will leave you with this: A friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.