Beautiful Charleston Peak

The South Ridge … And a Tree

Hiking past Cave Springs

Starting up Trail Canyon

The Spring Mountains look so beautiful this year. With all our speculations on how long it will take the snow to melt so that we can climb Ol' Charlie, we also remain in awe at the beauty the snow adds to the upper elevations. Today, eleven hikers got an early start up Trail Canyon. By 1 hour and 10 minutes, all eleven hikers were up at the saddle sitting on the log. With each climb, Trail Canyon becomes more tame but it is a hard fought battle. Nonetheless, the trail is snow-free with the exception of a few patches here and there. Cockscomb Ridge still has some snow below its first fin but that will be gone soon. At the saddle, we turned left and started up the North Loop.

Never forget to look back!

In this section before Cave Spring, there are some amazing views of Charleston Peak and the South Ridge. That's where the first photo of this entry was taken.

Good lookin' Group at the Saddle Junction

One by one … or two by two … we passed Cave Spring without stopping. The horse trough had water in it but there was no water coming from the pipe. The North Loop is losing snow sooner than the South Loop.

Charleston Peak

Cave Spring Trough

The first time we saw snow on the trail was about half a mile after the trough. Some snow patches covered the trail and required us to balance our way over the icy hills. These patches are shown in the photo below. Other than this, the trail is snow-free. The front hikers pulled out and made it to the Mummy Junction break spot. Almost everyone was soon there and Rita took a photo. After the break, the group started their descent in small groups. There were smiles on everyone's face. So nice to see. Today's workout was sufficient. A short stop at the saddle sent all of us down Trail Canyon.

Snow Patches on Trail above Cave Spring

The temperatures were excellent and a cold breeze was whipping up to push out the haze in the valley below.

The Aspen Corridor

The lead hikers took their time going down and the slower hikers were happy to be able to take care of a couple of long held gimpinesses. (New word.)

Mummy Junction Break

Harris Peak, Rainbow Saddle, Griffith Peak,
and Cockscomb Ridge from North Loop

If you haven't gone up to the Spring Mountains yet this spring, you really must. It is a beautiful sight. Just watch your speed. The police are out! No more running over the wildlife! The snow is melting and soon, it will be gone. This is one for the record books.
Great day in the mountains!
7 miles; 2500 feet elevation gain; 3.75 hours

Happy Hikers on the way Down

Careful at the Snow Crossings

Did someone lose an onion?