Daily Miles: 13

Total Miles: 481

It rained a bit overnight, but we all slept comfortably. The sky was a mix when we got up, but it felt like we were going to have some warmer temperatures at least.

We only had three miles of forest road walking before getting to the state line and therefore the end of our hike. The border is understated to say the least, but we still celebrated with hugs and photos. It felt good to have completed the hike successfully for all of us.

After leaving the border, we had almost ten miles to walk before getting to Alma, NM. The dirt road was very smooth and slightly down-sloped, so the walking was quick and easy.

We made it to the Alma Grill in time for lunch and then dessert. Our friends, Purple and Carnivore, came to pick us up as we were finishing our meal. It was great to see them as usual. They generously drove to pick us up and brought us back to their place. We got cleaned up and Purple and Carnivore fed us lots of good food. We are enjoying the indoor comforts as it starts to rain again outside.

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