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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in the hills. Well, late April to be exact. But it feels so much longer. Shoulder season is a drag. I’m over it. But I’m definitely not looking forward to the crowds either. Going up the weekend after Memorial Day is a surefire way to avoid them.
We (myself, Lauren, Elise, and Alex) commenced our hike right around noon from Ferncroft. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with the Southern Whites. They’re also the first area to melt out completely, so we were guaranteed nearly no snow (and only saw a few patches the whole day).
Rather than take the first part of the Blueberry Ledge Trail, we opted for the Cutoff. It was one of the best decisions of the day. The trail is beautiful, and although it gets a little leafy and hard to follow toward the top, it’s definitely better than the main trail. You also still get to experience the ledges.We made great timing and continued to push forward up to the summit, where we got views at each outlook. It’s the clearest Whiteface has ever been for me and it still wasn’t a bluebird day.

From the summit, we quickly traversed the Rollins Trail, which I’m usually not thrilled about, but we kept up with some good conversation to make the time go by. We ran into one small snow patch, but it was easily navigable. Traction is not needed at this time on the mountain.
We got my first views ever from the top of Passaconaway, which I always regarded as viewless. In reality, there are several outlooks around the peak which are good, but not great in my opinion. We also had Peeps on Passaconaway. I remember reading on some Facebook posts long ago that some people like to eat a certain food on summits, but it has to be an alliteration. Needless to say, I turned some Peeps haters into Peeps lovers when all was said and done.
Retracing our steps, we headed back down Dicey’s Mill Trail, which is more pleasant than I remember with an easy grade all the way down to the car.
Total Time: 5 hrs 18 (moving)Total Distance: 10.4 milesTotal Elevation Gain: ~4000 feet