Mountain Range: Galtee MountainsWalk: Lake Muskry WalkWow Factor: Fantastic views, Corrie LakeDistance: Approx. 9kmDuration: 3-4hrsOSI: 74Rating: Easy -Moderate
Start/Finish Point: R921 284 Lake Muskry Trail Head
A great walk that involves very little navigation with views of one of the most magnificent lakes in the south east. A must for all hikers, the lake itself is easily accessible as there is a track all the way from the main trail head car park right to the banks of the lake. This is by no means a walk in the park as there are some small hills to climb, however the scenery more than makes up for it. Starting at the trail head car park follow the track through the woods, I’m afraid the climbing starts here and if you are like me you will probably have the following thoughts:- God I’m so unfit!- I think my heart is going to explode!- Should I really be sweeting this much?? I just started!
It takes me awhile to get into a rhythm but once I do my thoughts drift to:
– It’s a great day for a hike!- Look at these views!- Look how far I have travelled, I feel great!- I hope I pass someone on the way back that has just started so I can feel better about myself knowing how far they have yet to travel. (harsh but true) Keep going straight; you will come to two clearings where you can distinctly hear the bubbling of a stream. Looking down on your left from these clearings will give you great photo opportunities just be mindful of your step.
Shortly after you will reach a stile leading out onto open mountain, the path follows a right hand bend climbing over rough terrain. Be careful not to follow the trail marker posts that continue straight ahead, you will end up in very boggy terrain. Stick to the main trail. It gets a small bit harder here as the ground consists of loose rock with evidence of water erosion resulting in deep trenches along the trail. I find it easier to walk closer to the edge of the track as the ground is more stable and offers better views of Farbreage and Greenane on your left. Remember to stop and take photos both for memories but also for Facebook to show your friends what they are missing………… and of course how awesome you are for doing it. The ground levels off here for a while……. thank god. But unfortunately it will rise again with a vengeance. Before it does you will cross a wide stream which offers great photo opportunities. Jump down the bank on your left and take a few snaps.
By now you have surely noticed the hill in front of you. Break it down, stop when you want to and before you know it you will be at the top. It looks worse than it is but that’s easy say, however the lake is just over that hill so that should be incentive enough. I particularly like taking people here for their first hike as they get the sense of wilderness and remoteness with the safety of a marked trail. But it’s the look of wonder and amazement on their face when they first see the lake that makes it all worthwhile. Congratulations you made it. Time to sit down and enjoy the views with that all important cup of tea, its places like these that make me wonder do people know what they are missing?? It’s hard to describe to people what you see but more importantly what you feel when you look out over views like this, so next time drag them with you! Start planning your next mini adventure and head for the hills.