Short hike to a waterfall cascading over a rocky drop in Lockatong Creek.

1.8 miles, surface is roots and some rocks, and the beginning of the trail may contain deep, thick mud. Mostly level until a brief downhill just before the falls.

Hike Info:

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Our two cents: Decent sized waterfall payoff for a short hike – just be aware that the trail was incredibly muddy for awhile before drying out into a normal trail.

We hiked this after recent rain (the best time to see any waterfall…) so your results may vary on the mud. Conveniently, there was a large puddle in the parking lot to rinse our boots.

Map: Print ahead, nothing at the trailhead.

Books: None that we know of.

Parking: N40.44672° W75.01196°
Rt 519 in Kingwood Township, about 1/4 mile from the Kingwood Township Methodist Church. Long dirt driveway with a few pot holes that leads to circular dirt parking lot for the Lockatong WMA.

Restrooms: None and the immediate area is mostly houses/farms.

If coming up Rt. 29 there is the town of Stockton, and Prallsville Mill’s has restrooms back by the D&R Canal Towpath. Further out, Rt 29 also has Bull’s Island Rec. Area park office or the Washington Crossing parking lot.

Hike Directions:

Overview: WHITE out-and-back

0.0 – The trail starts towards the left if your back is to the main road.

Shortly, keep straight, passing a branch of the trail on the right.

Note: The map shows the trail is a loop but when we tried going to the right side in the beginning it was so muddy and overgrown we bailed and kept straight to do it out-and-back.

Keep following WHITE, possibly through mud, roots, and fallen branches before it turns to a regular trail.

Start to hear the falls as the trail slopes downhill.

0.9 – The falls are below the trail. There’s an area to carefully scramble down for a closer look.

Retrace the route.

Optional: Try taking the other side of the loop back.

All Photos:

Lockatong WMA parking area
Start of the trail
Muddy first section of the trail
Muddy first section of the trail
Rest of the trail was dry
Falls below trail level; small area to scramble down for a closer look.
Looking to the right
Looking to the left
At the end of the hike


Hiked: 4/19/19.