Jerry and Cheryl in front of Charleston Peak

Cheryl Climbing the Ski Slopes

Past the Ski Slopes (McFarland Peak Behind)

Charleston Peak from the North Loop Trail

The photos speak for themselves. Jerry and Cheryl sent these from a duo climb to Lee Peak by way of the Lee Canyon Ski Slopes and the North Loop Trail. As you can see, there is still a lot of snow up there even though it is the middle of May. The Thomases are experienced in snow hiking having attended a few snow schools and climbed many snowy peaks. Be prepared properly when attempting a snow climb.
Other information on snow coverage that club members have gathered:
– The South Loop Trailhead gate is still closed at this time.
– The highest we have safely climbed on the Trail Canyon / North Loop Trails is about 3 miles up. This is just before that long switchback up to Mummy Junction. Here, the snow endangers simple hiking progress.
– Harris Peak will remain closed this summer. Please respect the wilderness replacement progress.
Happy Hiking!

Jerry below the Ridge

Charleston Peak

The Glissade!