This trail consists of 1106 steps of wooden ties under the railroad tracks to the top of the summit. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. More like a Stairmaster than a trail, this great workout rewards you with stunning views at the summit.



Mileage: 1.8 miles
Elevation: 820 feet
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard, depending on your fitness level.
Type: Out and Back
Accessible: Year Round
No bikes

From the Koko Head Park, the trail takes you through a landscaped hill that goes behind Goeas Baseball field to the bottom of the old rail track.

Once you arrive at the trail, get ready to go straight UP these stairs, 1,000 plus of them, to the top of Koko crater.

About midway up you must cross a trestle which can be dangerous if you misstep. There is an alternative grounded route to the right. This trail will definitely get the heart rate going and is not the best trail if you have bad knees. Take your time going up and down, being careful where you step.

Make sure to bring water and a camera for the top. Many athletes use this route for training. This trail can be crowded.

How to get there: Take Hwy 72 to Koko Carter, turn left on Lunalilo Home Rd, then right on Anapalau St, which ends on Koko Head State Park Rd (this road can be accessed from Hwy 72, but is sometimes closed). Park in the lot and walk along the road to the trail, which is a 200 feet from the parking lot.


The step-like walking track are the ties of an abandoned railway that runs along the crater’s west side. This is one of the best trails leading to Puu Mai, the craters highest peak. The ties were for an incline tram used by the military during World War II, to transport personnel and supplies to a lookout post on the summit.

The view from the top is breathtaking. You can, on a clear day, see all three Islands and the other side of Koko crater.