I’m just back from a walk and I feel AWESOME!!

I sat up on my fave rock for a while, enjoying the early morning serenity, then I walked the trail around the rock – total distance 1km.

Yep – that’s right, it’s not a typo – 1km.

For someone that did two overnight hikes only a few months ago (carrying ALL of my stuff), you would be forgiven for thinking that I wouldn’t be at all happy about this. But you would be wrong.

Over the last two and a half years of writing this blog (and even before then, when I’d tell people about my hikes), I’ve had many people tell me what an inspiration I am to them.

This has always made me feel really uncomfortable, and I would always respond with a grimace, and start squirming.

After all, I’ve never been out to impress people (when I’m halfway up a hill, sweating and puffing, I’m pretty sure no one is impressed!). For me, it’s always been about just getting out there and doing something I love. And if, along the way, I encourage and help some other people get out and go hiking, then all the better.

It’s so fun to scroll through Facebook, Instagram and other blogs and look at amazing photos of places I want to hike one day. To get information on trails I’m heading out on, and reading (first hand) accounts of other hikers getting out on the trails and pushing themselves way past their comfort zones.

But sometimes, some of these same images and stories feel so far away from where I am now (or what my life will reasonably enable me to do), and I’m left feeling deflated rather than inspired or encouraged. It’s commonly referred to as comparisonitis. It’s at these times that I get off the internet, and focus instead on what I’ve achieved – rather than compare myself to others.

Right now, as I recover from a small surgery, I really need to stay within my limits. Now is not the time to push myself, or power on through pain. I need to listen to my body, rest when I can, and slowly move forward toward my goal of walking the Overland Trail.

I’m sure, when I’m there, I’ll look back at where I am now, and realise how far I’ve come. I’ll be so proud of myself for putting in the effort and getting to that point.

But for now – it’s important for me not to compare myself to others who are at a different point in their lives.

I’m back out walking and hiking…and I couldn’t be happier. The hike this morning got me outside, breathing in the fresh air and on a trail with no one else around.

This is my reality right now, and from this perspective I’m so proud of my efforts so far – and I can’t wait to get out there more and keep moving towards my goal.

One (slow) step at a time.

What about you? Do you sometimes get comparisonitis?

Bio: Sam is a daydreamer, storyteller, and hiker. She loves getting outside, and you’ll often find her on the bushwalking trails close to her hometown of Geelong. You can follow along with her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you have any questions that she can help with, or would like to chat about possible sponsored opportunities, advertising, or affiliations (that will benefit her audience) please drop her an email at hello@ihearthiking.com.au.

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