So, you’re heading home after several months of being the road, meeting new people, visiting exotic places, trying new foods, and having some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. So, when your front door is in sight, the temptation is to just slump onto the sofa and recuperate after your long flight home…
Post-travel blues might kick in for some and others might jump straight back into their old life as if their travelling experience never happened. But, before you get too comfortable on the sofa, or get lost in those endless emails, you have a few things you need to sort out. I know, I know, travelling seems like an endless array of to-do lists and pre-planning organisation and it doesn’t stop once you’re back on home turf!

Read on for 4 things to do when you come home from travelling.

Sort through your memories
You can probably tick off many places on the map of the world, and you’ll have some awesome memories to go with it. From gorgeous photographs that you didn’t share on your social media pages, to that beautiful sari that you bartered for on that market stall in Mumbai, you need to take some time and go through everything you’ve brought home with you. Find special places for your souvenirs and get those images printed off and displayed all around you. Don’t let them sit on your memory cards or in your phone gallery for the rest of your life!

Go over your bank and credit card statements

This is something everyone should do, even if they haven’t been travelling. But now you’re back home, it’s a good idea to check your accounts and make sure that nothing looks suspicious.

Identity theft is a growing problem, and because us travellers tend to carry plenty of information about ourselves with us on our travels, use unsecure internet connections and use our credit cards in all kinds of scenarios, it’s easier than you think for someone to steal you identity and empty your accounts. Check them now and speak to your bank about any irregularities.

Turn off your phone package

​If, like many travellers you invested in an international package on your phone while you were travelling then take a moment now to cancel it. This is important as you might end up paying for it for months before you remember about it!

Administer a little TLC

Travelling takes its toll on your body. Even the most experienced and hardened traveller will tell you that sometimes you need to take a break. So, now that you’re back home make sure you’re not over doing it. Take the opportunity to catch up on all that lost sleep, hit the gym if you’ve been a little sedentary over the past few months, or treat yourself to a massage to help with all those aches and pains from sleeping on uncomfortable buses, the benches at the airport and uncomfortable hostel bunks.