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Today's Walker's Club had 31 hikers and 1 dog (Cocoa). We met in the Lodge's lobby and carpooled to Hennepin Canyon parking lot and walked from there. It was a great day for hiking. The sun was out and about 38 degrees or so. Very little wind. Saw a few eagles and many ice formations.

What a colorfull bunch we have today. 31 hikers and Cocoa

This is the only parking lot that once you park your car you have to cross Rt. 71 to get to the trail.

The trail started out just being frozen leaves. That didn't last long, soon it was nothing but ICE.

Very ICY!!! Yak trax or Katoohlas

View from Hennepin Overlook

One arm of Hennepin Canyon, nice ice formation

Hennepin Canyon

Another Ice fall coming out of the West wall of Hennepin Canyon

Hennepin Canyon Bridge. The road in the distance is Rt. 71

Looking out to Hennepin Canyon

The main Hennepin Canyon waterfall

Hidden Canyon

Top of Owl Canyon

Inside Owl Canyon

Ice at the bottom of Owl Canyon

Frozen stream design, Love it!

Frozen Stream design

Owl Canyon

Eagle on the river area, near Owl Canyon

Illinois River Bank

Coming out of Owl Canyon

Going up the steps on the way back. About 130 or so steps

Hennepin Canyon on the way back

Back at the cars, time to head back to the office

The trails were icy. These Yak- tracks saved this hiker from falling many times. These can be found in the Gift Shop here at the Lodge or at your favorite sporting goods store. About $25-$35. Stick not included. Spend the extra $5 for the strap or use a shoelace to hold them on your boots.

I will leave you with this: The things that matter most in this world, they can never be held in our hand.